Prophet Ya'qub (A)
Allah says the following about Prophet Ibrahim (A) in the Holy Qur'an:
And We bestowed on him Ishaaq, and Ya'qub as an additional gift, and made them righteous. And We made them leaders to guide (the people) by Our command; and We inspired them to perform good deeds and observe their moral obligations and pay Zakaat; and they obeyed Us.  (Quran 21:72,73)
Prophet Ishaaq (A) was the younger son of Prophet Ibrahim (A), by his wife Sarah. Prophet Ishaaq (A) married his uncle's daughter Rafqa, and they were blessed with twin sons, Isu and Prophet Ya'qub (A).

Prophet Ya'qub (A) was much loved by his parents and this made his twin brother jealous. To prevent trouble between the brothers, Prophet Ishaaq (A) advised Prophet Ya'qub (A) to migrate from their home in Palestine to Fidaan Aram, where his maternal uncle Labaan lived. In Fidaan Aram he went into the service of his uncle. He later married his uncle's daughter Lay'ah.

After the period of service was over, Prophet Ya'qub (A) left with his family and property to return to Palestine. In Palestine, Prophet Ya'qub (A) sent presents to his brother to indicate good-will, and his brother accepted them and welcomed him warmly. In time, the grudge between the brothers was forgotten.

Prophet Ya'qub (A) decided to make his home in the land of Kanaan and Allah blessed him with twelve sons. His twelve sons became famously known as the "Grandchildren of Ishaaq"

His second wife, Raheel died early and therefore Prophet Ya'qub (A) always regarded her sons Binyameen and especially Prophet Yusuf (A) with particular affection.

His love for Prophet Yusuf (A) was later to become a source of jealousy for his older sons who determined to do away with their younger brother. But Allah chose Prophet Yusuf (A) to be His Messenger and protected him from the evil intentions of his brothers.