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The Nation of Ad

Noah's descendents spread on this earth far and wide,
They worshipped God, only Him they glorified.
From them a nation of Ad was raised,
Forgetful of God, in other things they took pride.
Proud of buildings made spacious and high,
Scoffed at every just and pious advice.
Once again man fell into the trap Iblis contrived,
God's mercy sent Hud to Ad with advice.
Ad immersed in material wealth and pride,
Refused to see Divine Light.
Hud was ridiculed, Ad's sins multiplied.
They told him 'our gods afflicted you,
You are insane or invent lies.
For you have no taste for the life.'
Hud replied, 'I seek refuge in God from such states
I am His messenger and His message I relate.
You have taken false gods and lost faith,
Persistence shall bring you a terrible fate.'
People of Ad had their chance but failed,
Ignored Hud's warning and God's anger was raised.
Ad taunted Hud "bring your God, we shall wait,
If so powerful to us He can annihilate."
If you persist surely you shall meet the fate
God reserves for those who arrogate.
Ad were elated that at last rain came.
Hud knew the irony of their fate,
Told the wicked people the hour arrived you did wait.
Storm and wind blew with ferocious might,
Whelmed Ad for eight days and seven nights.
People of Ad had been razed from earth's face.
The Book records them as a lesson for man to take.
Hud and his faithful companions survived,
For they were God-fearing and wise.
God blessed them and they multiplied.
They lived piously and God was glorified.

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