The Believers
Imam Ali ibn Abi Taleb

The Believer is one with whom people's life, wealth and dignity are secure;
He has strong religious teachings -fiqh;
In pursuing his aims he achieves perseverance by combining endurance and wisdom;
When rich, he does not forget moderation;
When poor, he forbears without sacrificing his dignity;
When powerful, he forgives easily (if apology is offered).

He is generous in appropriate ways;
In all enquiries he aspires to increase his knowledge and understanding;
His behaviour is gentle, his actions reflecting modesty;
He faces calamities with patience and never becomes panic-stricken;
People enjoy his affections and calmness and he is ready to bear pain in order to comfort others;
In friendship he is sincere and he honours his promises.

Although occasionally criticised he never criticises anyone (unreasonably);
In his judgement, he is neither oppressive nor unfair;
He helps the oppressed and is concerned about the deprived;
He does not abandon those in distress and he tries to relieve their burdens;
He is anxious to legitimise and purifies his earnings;

When infuriated, he behaves justly. He helps in religion (faith).
In his treaties, he is firm and consistent. In his friendships, he is faithful and avoids meddling;
He respects the rights of those who are absent. He accepts the apologies of those at fault;
He is generous without being extravagant or wasteful or spendthrift;
He is kind and compassionate to the poor and weak.
Anyone may expect his assistance during difficulties;
He does not forget those who are good to him and he is grateful;
He guides those who seek his advice;
He assists those who have assisted him;
He does not divulge people's secrets.
He does not inquire into secret affairs, which do not concern him.

He is honest and trustworthy;
He combines conscience and patience in his behaviour.
He communicates with others so that his knowledge may be increased;
His livelihood is earned in legitimate and honourable ways and means;
He treats people kindly and affectionately, and is affable;
He tries not to hurt anyone and people are safe with him.
He deals fairly with all;
To those near him, he is a friend and helper.
To the orphans he is like a father;
He is not crude / rude / arrogant towards his inferiors.
He is not idle or lethargic;
He follows the examples of good leadership demonstrated by his predecessors;
He sets a good example for those who succeed him;
His good deeds are not performed for the sake of being boastful.

He is not hypocritical in his actions;
He is not proud and is not selfish;
He speaks only the truth and is moderate and wise;
There is no flaw, laxity or partiality in his judgements;
He is not disgraced by love of food.
He is not governed by his whims and sexual desires and is in control of them;
He is not envious or hasty;
He does not insult others; He does not degrade anyone and does not backbite;
He is not slack or dishonourable;

If he keeps away from someone, it is not due to pride or arrogance.
If he associates with someone, it is not in order to be deceptive or selfish;
He does not interfere in a matter, which does not concern him;
He does not lose countenance in the face of violence and calamity;
When affluent, he does not become proud or arrogant;
He does not fall into the same difficulty or mistake twice.