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41.Ibn Sina and Ibn Maskooya
You are more in need of rectifying your character than ...
42.The advise of an ascetic
Seek your own sustenance, so that you don't become a burden on the society.
43.The complaint of a Neighbour
The Prophet (pbuh) always enjoins people to patience and forebearance...
44.The Gift of a Woman
.. she ask Allah to grant her a child, and she will make HIM the attendant of the temple as a token of her appreciation.
45.The Merchant and the Passer by
Malik-e Ashtar prays to Allah to guide the Merchant onto the right path.
46.In Caliph's party
Imam's advise to Mutawakkil, the cruel Abbasid Caliph.
47.Eid Prayer
Imam Ridha (as) leading the Eid Prayer during the time of Mamoon, the Abbasid Caliph
The story of courageous Naseeba, the daughter of Ka'b
49.Common popularity
Allah accepts the deed of the pious
50.The Outcome of the Journey to Taef
My Lord! I complain to You from my weakness the blocking of my means and from the making fun of the people. O Kindest of the kind, You are...
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