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31.Fatima: A strong Believer
Hold on to your principles, and no one will stand in your way.
32.Asia bint Mazahem (Pharaoh's wife)
Pharaoh knew that his beloved wife, Asia bint Mazahem had abandoned his religion and had adhered to the religion that declared Allah's Oneness.
33.My Grandfather: The Muezzin
My grandfather used to serve the "Ghazi Mosque" in Tripoli and also acted as the mosque's Imam and Muezzin.
34.The Elderly's Resort
Behold! You are those who are called upon to spend in Allah's way, but among whoever is niggardly against his own soul; and Allah is Self-sufficient and you have need (of Him).
35.Masih's Request (On humility)
Wisdom grows amidst humility, not with arrogance...
36.Alcohol on the table
Do not sit on the table where alcohol is served
37.The Stranger
Ask for forgivness from Allah for neglecting the rights of orphans and widows.
38.Kicking the fallen ones
" ..Our character is that of assisting the poor and the needy." Imam (as)
39.The Effort of the Frog
... on the judgement day, I will be asked of what I did within my capacity ...
40.Growing Pains
Be patient, and have trust in the Source of all.
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