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41.Prophet Salih (A)
Allah sent Prophet Salih to the people of Thamud to guide them to the right path. ... Prophet Salih patiently tried to teach them the truth. ..
42.Prophet Yunus (A)
Prophet Yunus was sent by Allah to the people of Naynivah (Babylon) to guide them on the right path. The people of Naynivah were ...
43.Prophet Lut (A)
And We sent Lut who said to his people: 'Why do you commit such indecent acts that have never been committed by anyone before?.....' Holy Quran
44.Prophet Moses' Mother
One of the women the Glorious Qur'an makes mention of, is Jochebed, mother of Prophet Moses, Allah' interlocutor. She was a Unitarian who in the abyss of polytheism, was among those nearest to Allah.
45.Imam Musa al-Kadhim (a.s.)
Imam Musa al-Kadhim lived under the most crucial times in the regimes of the despotic 'Abbasid kings who were marked for their tyrannical and cruel administration. His kind and generous attitude towards the people was such that he used to patronize and help the poor and destitute of Medina and provide for them...
46.Hazrat Abu Talib (a.s.)
Hazrat Abu Talib, as historians testify, was one of eight uncles of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family), as the Prophet's father, Abdullah, the son Abdul Muttalib was the brother of Abu Talib. The anecdotes in the life of this great person which show his unwavering support of the Prophet...
47.The Birth of Imam Hussein (as)
In the house of the Holy Prophet, a child who benefited humanity as if he was a Divine Impression reflecting the earth, was born on one of the nights of the month of Sha'ban. His father was Imam Ali, the best model of kindness towards his friends and the bravest against the enemies of Islam, and his mother was Lady Fatimah, the only daughter and child of the Holy Prophet, who had as universally acknowledged, inherited the qualities of her father. Imam Husayn, is the third Apostolic Imam....
48.Imam Husain ibn 'Ali (peace be upon him)
On the third of Sha'ban in the year 4 A.H. the city of Medina witnessed the birth of a boy in the house of Lady Fatimah (PBUH) and Imam Ali (PBUH); he was later nicknamed the 'Master of Martyrs'. Imam Ali (PBUH) took his son to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP), as was the custom of respect, in order for a name to be chosen for his newborn son, just as he had done for his first son. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) named him 'Hussain' by the order of Allah (SWT)...
49.The Twelfth Imam, Muhammad ibn Hasan Al-Mahdi (peace be upon him)
Traditions have been reported mentioning the signs for the time of the appearance of the Imam who will arise (qa'im), peace be on him, and the events which will take place before his appearance, together with the indications and features of it. Among them are: The Sufyani will come out in revolt; the Hasanid will be killed; the Abbasids will dispute over worldly kingdom; there will be an eclipse of the sun in the middle of the month of Ramadan...
50.The Day of Sorrow
When the Sauds gained control of Mecca and Medina in 1925 CE (1345 AH), they sought to destroy the symbols of the greatest leaders in Islam. As described in the book <em>Wahhabism </em>by Ayatollah Subhani, &ldquo;The entire traces of Ahlul Bayt and the companions of the Holy Prophet disappeared, and the valuable properties of the shrine of the Holy Imams at Baqi were plundered. The graveyard of Baqi was turned into a heap of dung which would fill one with horror while looking at it.&rdquo;
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