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31.Prophet Noah (A)
For many years, Prophet Noah tried to teach his people that Allah is One, but they just laughed at him. Sometimes they would throw stones at him. ...
32.The Battle of Badr
With the Battle of Badr begans a remarkable Era in the history of Islam. This battle laid the foundation of the Islamic State and made out of the Muslims a force to be reckoned with by the dwellers of the Arabian Peninsula.
33.The Battle of Uhud
The Qureshites came out from the Battle of Badr with an astonishing result which they did not expect. ... Quraish, one year after the Battle of Badr, marched towards Madinah to avenge their defeat.
34.The People Of Kahf
... We relate to you their story with the truth; surely they were youths who believed in their Lord and We increased them in guidance. ...
35.Prophet Adam (A)
Prophet Adam was the first man ever to be created. After Allah ... the jinn. Finally, He created Prophet Adam and then Bibi Hawwa (Eve). ...
36.Prophet Ayyub (A)
Prophet Ayyub was the grandson of Prophet Ishaaq son of Prophet Ibrahim and his wife was the granddaughter of Prophet Yusuf. Allah gave him many blessings. ...
37.Prophet Hud (A)
Despite all the favours that Allah had granted them, the people of Aad did not believe in One God and worshipped idols. Prophet Hud explained to them that the idols would only take them further away from Allah and that he was a Prophet sent to guide them.
38.Prophet Ibrahim (A)
Prophet Ibrahim is one of the greatest Prophets of Allah. He was born in Syria at the time when Namrud was the king.
39.Prophet Idris (A)
Prophet Idris was the great-grandson of Prophet Sheeth and was born 100 years after the death of Prophet Aadam. He was the third Prophet of Allah.
40.Prophet Ismael (A)
When Prophet Ismael was born, his father Prophet Ibrahim was 86 years old. ... On the command of Allah, Prophet Ibrahim brought Hajira and Prophet Ismael to Makka. ...
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