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31.Imam Hasan 'The Myth of his Divorces'
Imam Hasan has been the victim of a most malicious propaganda for the last 1,250 years. He is portrayed as "fond of ease and quiet" by his admirers (Ameer Ali in "Spirit of Islam") and "the great divorcer" by his detractors (Willi Frischaurer in "The Aga Khans").
32.The Curse
The Curse
Nestor was a christian monk, who resided in Syria, who is said to have borne witness to Muhammad.
34.The Martyrdom Of The Faithful: Imam Ali(a.s.)
Imam Ali was assassinated in Kufa by the most evil of Allah's creation; Abdelrahman bin Muljim, a Khariji, on the twenty first of Ramadhan year 40 A.H.; of an age of 63 years that were spent in serving Allah's cause upholding justice, and establishing God's rule on earth.
35.Islam and Imam alHusayn
In this article, we will briefly explain that Islam is the faith that stands for peace and invites mankind towards good and prosperity in both the worlds - here, and Hereafter. Using Imam alHusayn Alayhissalam as our supreme paradigm
36.TV and Sexual Content In The Light Of Islamic Morals
A recent study found "that 56 percent of TV programs - and 67 percent of prime-time shows - contained sexual content in word or deed over the course of one week.
37.Gems from the Qur'an
Islam wishes its followers to use the power of speech to achieve goodness, to spread love and happiness, wisdom and guidance.
38.Liberation by the Veil
Modesty and chastity, very important ideologies with Islam, are achieved by prescribing standards on behavior and the dress of a Muslim. A woman who adheres to the tenements of Islam is required to follow the dress code called Hijab, other synonymes are Veil...
39.Scientific Indications Of Resurrection
Man's body is formed of clay, and after passing beneath the wheels of change and transformation it changes back into clay... 'We created you from earth and return you to earth, and then bring you forth from it once more' (20:55). This verse refers, then, to a group of unbelievers who deny the resurrection of the dead. It reminds them that God knows full well where the elements are that once made up their bodies before being dispersed and returned to the storehouse of nature. . .
40.Life After Life!!!
In order for man to reach eternal life, he must rid himself of all satanic temptations. Only then will he become an Epiphany of divine glory.
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