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KARBALA: Keeping the message alive
It's a day like any other. You are walking or driving down the street, when suddenly you see the road ahead is closed. On the other side of the steel barriers, you see a long procession of people surging past dressed in unusual clothes, shouting strange words, waving banners covered in unfamiliar writing. As you get closer, drums. . .

If They Sever our Legs and Hands, We shall Crawl to the Holy Lands!
Some push their parents in wheelchairs. People of all age groups trudge in the scorching heat of the sun during the day and in the bone-chilling cold at night. They travel across rough terrain, down uneven roads, through terrorist strongholds and dangerous marshlands. Without even the most basic amenities or any travel gear, the pilgrims carry little besides their burning love for "The Master" -- their Imam, Hussein. Flags and banners remind them, and the world, of the purpose of their journey . . .

Impacts of Karbala on the Vigilance of Muslims
Unlike a hasty approach to the event of Karbala which may reflect the idea that the revolution of Imam Husain was unfulfilled and it was an unsuccessful struggle, when we carefully study the historical events after the tragedy of Karbala we will, no doubt, come to the conclusion that the revolution of Imam Husain was not only successful in its own nature, but was also the major cause of all the revolutionary movements which took place after Karbala. In fact, Karbala, in the history of Islam should be regarded as a turning point in the reforming of Muslims . . .

A Probe Into the History of Ashura

Author: Dr. Ibrahim Amini
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The tragedy of Karbala being an unparalleled event of the history of mankind, has invoked many questions regarding the very nature of the event and its affiliated factors in the raw minds of those with superficial study of Islamic history. Ayatullah Amini has very beautifully covered this great event with his masterly analytical approach to the events, Study of this book is a unavoidable for those who wish to have the correct understanding of this nerve shaking tragedy.

Kitab Maqtal Al-Husayn: Narrative of the Martyrdom of Al-Husayn
Author: Abu Mikhnaf
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Classified as being amongst the most reliable and accurate accounts of the Martyrdom of the Grandson of the Prophet (SAW) on the barren plain of Kerbala.

Imam Husain's Revolution (Analytical Review)
Author: Yusuf Fadhl
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This survey of the unique revolution of Imam Husain (p.b.u.h.) is analytical in essence. The purpose of this essay is to give a qualitative rather than quantative account. It has dealt with the causes, policy and results of this eternal revolution. This is done in the hope of unveiling the startling aspects of the revolution's message which is often neglected in its traditional commemoration.

KARBALA', an enduring paradigm of Islamic Revivalism
Author: Sayyid Wahid Akhtar
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The martyrdom of Imam Husayn ibn 'Ali ('a) and his companions in Karbala' proved to be the beginning of the downfall of the Banu Umayyah dynasty which had usurped the Islamic khilafah by deceit, repression, and corruption of the Muslim community. Though the Imam ('a) was martyred with his family and companions, and apparently his murderers seemed to emerge winners from the conflict, it was the martyr of Karbala' who was the real victor.

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